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Get a free trial of GroupReady
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Free Trial Offer
For a limited time, offices can get a free trial of GroupReady.

The trial can either be downloaded (~5Meg) or you can have a CD priority mailed to your business address (United States only). There is no charge for this trial version and no obligation or anything to return.

This provides an easy way to determine if GroupReady is right for your office.

Get a Free Trial of GroupReady

Get a free trial of GroupReady

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GroupReady - Scheduling Software for your business

GroupReady is comprehensive scheduling software that lets you bring up multiple schedules side by side. It also lets multiple people work with the same schedule at the same time - and see each other's changes instantly. GroupReady was designed to be used by everyone in your office - from the novice user to the power user.

Give people in your office the information they need, when and where they need it.

Streamline your office with GroupReady
Everything you need to keep your office running smoothly - integrated into one easy to use system:

Scheduling, project management, messaging, call tracking, contact database, client information management and more.

Lets your office share important information and communicate without the expense and administration hassles of Exchange or SQL.

GroupReady provides a reliable and cost effective way to automate offices of all sizes.
scheduling, to-do lists and calendar
scheduling, to-do list and calendar
Instant messaging
Built in Instant Messaging
In/Out Board
In/out Board
Office-wide Contact Database
Office-wide Contact database
Client relationship management
Client relationship management
Links to phones
Links to handheld devices
Remote Internet access
Remote Internet access
Easy to use scheduling Software
Scheduling Software Simplified
It doesn't really matter how much your office software can do if people won't use it. We understand this. GroupReady has a very easy to use interface that lets your users start being productive within minutes.

You can pull up any schedule in the office, from any computer, in one step. Pull up any number of schedules side by side or create a schedule item for a group of people just by selecting names in a list.

If your office isn't currently using multi-user scheduling software, then now's the time to try it.

Get your Free trial version of GroupReady today!

And see what Multi-user Scheduling Software can do for your business.

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