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Errors accessing the GroupReady help file in Windows 2000/XP

A recent Windows update provided by Microsoft has made some changes to the way programs access help files located on a network. This change may prevent some GroupReady users from accessing the in-program help.

We believe that Microsoft will issue a fix for this, but until then, there is a registry setting available to resolve this problem.

Disclaimer: Telexis makes no warranties for the instructions, utilities or registry entries reproduced on this web page. You agree to make all registry changes at your own risk.


1. Click on the following link: Help File Fix

2. When prompted to open or save the file, choose to save it.

3. Save the file to a location you can easily locate (My Documents, Desktop, etc.)

4. After the file has finished downloading, open the file.

5. When prompted, click yes to enter the changes into the system registry

6. Restart your computer

You should repeat these steps from each workstation that is experiencing this problem.

NOTE: This information is provided for your convenience. The inclusion of such links does not imply that Telexis endorses, recommends, or accepts any responsibility for the content of such sites. Telexis does not provide warranty support for Microsoft products.

If this fails to resolve the issue, or you require further assistance, please contact Telexis technical support at (520) 884-8698 or by e-mail at


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